> TC Matic: “L’Apache”
> Ben Watt: “North marine drive”
> The Birthday Party: “The Bad Seed”
> New Order: “Power Corruption & Lies”
> Wah!: “Hope”
> Marine Girls: “Lazy ways”
> R.E.M.: “Murmur”
> Sex Gang Children: “Song and Legend” + The Southern Death Cult: “Fatman/Moya”
> The Go-Betweens: “Before Hollywood”
> The Dream Syndicate: “The days of wine and roses”
> The Smiths: “Hand in glove”
> Holy Toy: “Warszawa”
> Tymon Dogg: “Battle of wills”
> Vacum: “Den Sista Vintern”
> Diverse artister: “Dansa med fig 13
> Lyxorkestern: “Gary Nilsson, I love you/Birdman”
> Unter den Linden: “Motstånd i läder”
> Cortex: “Spinal injuries”
> Avant Gaam: “EP” + Tolstoys Toy: “Kommunicera”
> Memento Mori: “Jag… snäll”
> The Teardrop Explodes: “You disappear from view”
> Wire: “Crazy about love”
> Kevin Hewick: “Such hunger for love”
> Aztec Camera: “High land, hard rain”
> Bauhaus: “Lagartija Nick” + “She’s in parties”
> Chris & Cosey: “October”
> Fantastic Something: “If she doesn’t smile”
> Virgin Prunes / Bauhaus / The Birthday Party: Live i Berlin